Film/tv - fit of songs to scenes

Suggested film, TV, video scene Mood Description Song
Beach Happy, upbeat, exuberanat, TGIF Road song; sports car, winding road on the coast; meeting a lady at the turn. Crystal-Studded Sky
Beach Happy, in love Falling in love on the beach. Walking on Big Sur
Beach, tropical resort Pensive, longing, in love Waiting for wife or lover to arrive, vacation, tropic island images. No Paradise without You
Beach, tropic island, city Pensive, reflective, life transitional The concept of paradise changes as we grow older.* Paradise
Beach, characters, life reflection Reflective, observant People and scenes in a colorful California beach town. You never grow old in a place like this. Always Be Young (on Venice Beach)
Beach, bluffs, walking dog Comical, frustrated, quirky Trying to meet a girl who is distracted by her portable music device and cell phone Unless It's Me
Winter cabin, lovers Loving, intimate Love song, winter scene, finally some privacy. To Kiss You Now
Dancing,, desert scene, many other possibilities Loving, intimate Falling in love in a faraway place...she makes it feel like home. Feels Like Home
Party, club or other gathering Longing, frustrated, reflective, sad, looking for love Women at a concert and a cafe have the look of true love as they look at their men. Jealous of Love
Party, club, meeting soulmate Reflective,cosmic Reincarnation. At a party, greeted by a complete stranger. Known in past lives? Evolved together? Pearls on Two strings
Party, dancing, high rise building or other setting Happy, TGIF, sophistocated Feel-good weekend party scene. Party Inside
Party, club, public place, bedroom, sexual overtones; or man appreciating his lover Sexy, loving, proud, energized Party, club band playing; beautiful lady walking in and a man looking at her; working as a team, positive attitude You're My Testosterone
College or high school campus Longing, anticipatory, loving Will his lover from last semester still be in love with him? Letters Tell
Playful, lighthearted context or the complete opposite; could fit many different scenes Quirky, fun, comical Playful vibe, or scene where the opposite of playful is happening (e.g., "Singing in the Rain" in Clockwork Orange) Liquid Kansas
Playful, lighthearted context or the complete opposite; could fit many different scenes Quirky, fun, comical Playful vibe, or scene where the opposite of playful is happening (e.g., "Singing in the Rain" in Clockwork Orange) Liquid Kansas (instrumental)
Bedroom, man looking at his artistic lover reflective, loving, frustrated Her body and spirit are so beautiful that she is art itself Art Creating Art
Bedroom, bathroom, other in-house scene, infidelity, cheating, unable to accept monogamous relationship Reflective, sad, tired, longing In a bed that isn't his own, he reflects on why he's constantly looking, but not finding the perfect lover. No One Seems to Have All Things
Bedroom, other area where there is confrontation with a lover Anger, frustrated Angry lover song; girlfriend with an artist; he's not staying around. For the Credits
Bedroom, sleeping, going to bed, dream Longing, reflective, pleading A rock star dreams of his reckless, unfulfilled love life. Will the spirit in his dream give him wisdom? Lucky in Love
Domestic scene or talking to wife/friend - could be anywhere Loving, scared, down Fresh from a short stint in jail, he reflects on how precious his wife and freedom are. Little Things We Do
Talking to close friend - could be anywhere Supportive, reflective Recession. A friend consoles his friend who has just been laid off. Stormy Weather Friend
Urban, dark night, prostitution, street; also bedroom, front door; finding lost child, lost daughter Supportive, loving, awkward Story song, a movie in itself. A man meets a hooker and helps find her lost daughter. Gift for Lady Phoenix
Futuristic, "big brother" setting; haunting, paranoid Creepy, warning, scary, paranoid, no privacy Thought crime is a scary concept. Beware the internet. Thought Crime
Indifferent to female lover; indifferent to sniper shooting; indifferent to climate change Tired, in shock, de-sensitized, stressed Too much input can make us numb to the world around us resulting in inaction. Seen Too Much
Hospital, parent dying Frustrated, reflective, uneasy, difficult decision A man is called upon to approve his father's passing away. Don't Like Playing God
Admiring lady's hair; shampoo, hair commercial Skeptical, cautious She looks great - especially her hair - but he must proceed with caution! Mystery
Urban, dark, addiction; street scene or in-house scene Aggressive, down, reflective Any addiction - drugs, alcohol, gambling, wasting time on the internet Stop
Serious scene with high energy climax Aggressive Instrumental, production music, urban scene, hard rock Stop (instrumental)